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Amplificador Soldano Lucky13 - semi-novo com foot.

This amplifier marks another milestone in design for our already prestigious line of vacuum tube amplifiers.  The LUCKY 13 is two amplifiers in one box – a sparkling, super luscious, “vintage” sounding clean amp combined with a rich, singing, harmonic-laden, high gain amp for the best of both worlds.  A footswitch is provided for effortless noise-free switching between the two channels, and both channels share the added benefit of a tube-driven spring reverb – yes that’s correct, super lush tube-driven spring reverb with INDEPENDENT controls for both channels!  From super-glassy clean, reverb-drenched Surf tones to drop-dead cool “roomy” Jimmy Page sounds ala early Zeppelin – the Lucky delivers the goods!  And we’re both proud and excited to offer this unprecedented amount of tonal flexibility to the discerning player.  Four 5881 power tubes provide 100 watts of power.  And of course, as with all SOLDANO products, the LUCKY 13 is meticulously hand-crafted and built from the finest materials available in the USA.

The LUCKY 13 features independent Bass, Middle, and Treble, and Reverb controls for each channel.  Additionally, the Clean Channel offers a Volume Control, and a Bright Switch to boost its high end.  This channel is designed to be clean all the way up until the power amp reaches full power and begins its warm power tube breakup.  The Overdrive Channel has independent Gain and Volume Controls.  Any level of gain and overdrive is available at any volume level.  The Presence control is common to both channels.  One 16 ohm and two 8 ohm speaker jacks are provided for easy hook up to your cabinet or cabinets.

Power:  100 watts
Two Channel Head with Reverb
Weight:  46 lbs.
Size:  11″H x 26″W x 9.5″D
Preamp Tubes:  Six 12AX7 / ECC83
Power Tubes:  Four 5881 / 6L6

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por R$14.000,00
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